joi, 24 octombrie 2013

Topp Dogg (탑독) - Debut in forta

Dupa debutul de la Show Campion, Topp Dogg au lansat oficial primul lor mini-album Say It si primul MV: Say It (말로해)

Pentru a-i putea identifica mai usor (sunt 13, ce naiba. Si credeam ca Super Junior si EXO sunt maximum, mai mult nu se poate. Dar uite ca da :-)) ) iata ordinea aparitiei lor 0:14 B-Joo 0:43 P-Goon (leader) 0:49 Kidoh 1:02 A-tom 1:15 Seogoong 1:20 Nakta 1:32 Hansol 1:44 Hojoon 1:53 Jenissi 2:06 Yano (maknae) 2:20 Sangdo 2:24 Gohn 2:58 Xero

Mini-albumul Say It (말로해) download
01. Dogg's Out
02. Say It
03. A Woman Like You (Kidoh Solo)
04. Cute Girl
05. Play Ground

Reactiile sunt favorabile, entuziasmante. Iata cateva dintre ele - le-am lasat in limba engleza, ca sa nu le stric farmecul:

"TOPP DOGG. Is totally runing my life ;A;"
Goooshhh don't hate them ! I mean I hate stardom, but these guys are FREAKING GREAT!
This is my 1st impression"
"Amazing choreography."
"They are nice rappers"
"F*ck everything,this is awesome ! :3 ^^"
"I honestly can't really criticize anything, I just wish there weren't so many of them. The biggest group for me to learn the names of EXO. Now there's 13 in this one. It's going to take me a long while. But other than that they seen interesting, I'll keon my eye on them."
"So many of them looks like btob members :o Conspiracy"
"It's okay. It strongly reminds me of BTS/B.A.P...and in the dance video they were styled like EXO lol. I would have liked the song more if there wasn't so much auto-tune ><"
"I'll wait for their next release. The rap line is talented, but there is no reason for me to become a fan right's not unique enough. Everything about them reminds me of someone else."
"It's not a bad thing to say "This reminds me of so & so's MV" because of small or almost the same similarities. That doesn't make us delusional for saying that and of course B.A.P didn't "invent" this sort of style or whatever."
"I'm sure Cho PD had some sort of inspiration from other groups which also isn't a bad thing.
omgggg they are awesome!!! they want to be the hiphop suju? nope they are just toppdogg in my eyes. and omg that guy with the green hair is KILLING me!! i'm already a fan <3"

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  1. :) Inseamna ca nu ai auzit de ei ! 21 de bucati :)))