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Secret Love Affair (밀회) - His Letter (English version)

Never let me fall in the night that stars forgot to shine. Get me, fully hug me, let me naked of my thoughts and cover me with you. Let your soul surrounds me with arms of love, drop the veil of desire, show me your love, and allow the secrets of passion to embrace you.
Let me caress your silky hair, let me learn your equal and gentle rhythm of breathing, let me get drunk with the scent of your skin … Kiss my lips that recognize you and whisper you so well that I can reinvent you from my thoughts, tears,  passion, and longing and love ...
Read my eyes and respond me with your lips. Sip my whispers before being spoken. Empty me off you and fill my thirst. Heaven and earth, water and fire are one ... I want to send you every one of my thoughts, to be able to understand every smile of yours who crash deep inside me like a wave, always knowing you there, to be your start and your end ...crowded thoughts running and breaking my silence, while you sleep in there shade when time is no longer measured...
In the morning, carefully gather me from your dusty thoughts and breathe me easily ... Let me show you the first ray of sunshine through my eyes. For a moment, for a moment only, to fly together far from reality... And just for a moment for you to be me, to live with my soul, to feel my heart bit, to watch through my eyes... to understand how hard it is living without you ...
Among the blink of my eyelashes I see white butterflies dancing... To tell you how much I love you?... Totally and eternally. I love you without words, in every second, in anxiety, in pain. Honest and courageous. I love you because I had you in reality, in my dreams, in my ideals… but that was too short. We have not finished our dance of life.

written by manudrag, translated by Adriana Chiotan

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