sâmbătă, 13 septembrie 2014

Secret Love Affair (밀회) - Love letter (English version)

Fate doesn’t give you any notice or warning. We live in a continuous present and the time is getting shorter and shorter until the end…. Rich or poor, our spirits travel in this life with hope that we can find the code to the safe. Can we tell what’s inside?
Our World is shaken and our quiet corner is assaulted ... Our infected souls, apparently numb, bewildered, seeking their true nature, are groping in search of perfection. We're here, I’m dumped not far from your thoughts and you are wandering through mine… Our Inside is an explosion of questions, dreams, fears ... We should stop searching for our beauty, for our love, for ourselves …. We already found us!
A quiet game… our quiet game...we feel and live forbidden feelings, hidden passions.  It's like a revelation. We blindly sign a life check to keep this magic and unique moment. We fumble in the dark, prisoners of a limited consciousness. We stayed on the edge of the abyss, old traumas rocking us in their will. Now, we  ask ourselves how much courage do we need to jump with confidence into it.
We're two birds with broken wings; still together we could fly…Two troubled souls, tired to look for the right path...And all of this until you and I become us, because you're half of me and I'm half of you.  Fate ... Divine Plan ... It pushes us into this abyss. So far we have lived an illusion, past still keeps us prisoners of our lack of knowledge.
It's never too early, because it may be too late. Universe gone crazy and seems to have lost his balance. Scared, with trembling knees, we fear that we would leave this world carrying with us the wealth found in the next life. Is this a must? Beyond those waves of mess the important thing is that we found each other in this overwhelming and perfect time.
We are used to live in fear, with eyes closed and ears covered we run in the opposite direction and live a life in fear under the burden of social identity.But our substance is itself the energy of love. Let's throw our masks… Let’s be ourselves and find our true essence…Let’s expand our dreams and go beyond them. The sky speaks to us through his sparkle drops and I miss hearing the echo of your heart. There is never less from too much. Let’s start our journey together and fade away...

written by manudrag, translated by Adriana Chiotan

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